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The saying, “Time flies when you are having fun” was the first thought that came to mind in writing this course update. After completing the final golf course aerification for the summer, we are very pleased with the result and the health of the turf-grass as we move into the upcoming season.

Prior to the closure, Mother Nature hit us with an intense rainstorm that dropped 4.5 inches in just 1.5 hours! I was very proud of how our maintenance team responded managing to complete aerification practices along with storm repair projects, all in the same week.

During the closure, we successfully improved the irrigation system on the 15th fairway. Previously, we relied on two rows of sprinklers running lengthwise down the fairway to water the entire width of the hole, which resulted in a lack of control when it came to the amount of water being used to irrigate the fairway. Therefore, we installed a long run of smaller sprinklers in the rough line along the cart path, which will enable us to lower the amount of water we run on the large fairway sprinklers. We are optimistic that the fairway, particularly the second landing area, will now play much firmer, while increasing our ability to absorb rainfall without becoming saturated. We also managed to remove several tree stumps throughout property, pressure washed and sealed the bridges at the 17th hole, and completed a large number of bunker repairs during the closure. Now that all of sprinklers around greens have been leveled, we will focus on raising existing accessory boxes and drains around the course and we will continue to address minor projects, such as continued landscape trimming and clearing, along with installing native grasses in a few key areas, throughout September.

Lastly, I would like to thank my team for the effort during the summer months headed by our Assistant Superintendents, Nick Dolimpio and Bobby Chesney, along with our Equipment Manager, Jeff Clymer. We look forward to seeing you out on the course!


Brandon Richey, Golf Course Superintendent


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